Project Grants

The subjects of the sponsored projects in must be accordance with the foundation’s purpose.

Sponsored projects in Saxony,Lower Silesia (vojvodeship Dolnoslaskie) and Bohemia (in the regions Karlovarský kraj, Kràlovèhradecký kraj, Liberecký kraj, Pardubický kraj, Plzensky kraj, Ùstecký kraj and Strédoceský kraj) will include:

  1. The realisation of archaeological excavations.
  2. Scientific/Scholarly reports about archaeological excavations.
  3. The realisation of scientific/scholarly conferences about the regions mentioned above i.e. the area within the scope of the foundation.
  4. As well as the development of innovative scientific and/or engineering methods and processes as well as those deriving from the subject area of computer science and geodesy which benefit archaeological scholarship and are developed in Saxon, Lower Silesian and/or Bohemian universities and polytechnics.